Delivery and collection


Is delivery extra?

Yes. Delivery is added on top of the total hire amount. Please contact us via email at for a delivery quote 


When do you deliver?

We deliver the day before your hire and collect the day after unless otherwise arranged.

Does someone need to be there when you deliver the items?

Yes we need someone to be there to sign for the items. The person signing for the items must be the person responsible for hire unless it is agreed with us in advance to let someone sign on your behalf.

Do you need to be able to park outside?

Yes as part of the terms and conditions of hire, the venue or delivery address must be accessible to us. If it is not safely or easily accessible we will not be able to deliver the items and you will be still be liable for full payment.

Do you have to deliver to the venue?

No. We can deliver to wherever you would like you just need to specify the delivery address when booking so we can work out delivery cost.

What happens if an item breaks in transit?

We will try our utmost to replace the broken item or we will refund the value of item.


Can we collect items ourselves?

Yes provided you have an adequate vehicle and the items remain your responsibility at all times. We would advise bringing packing blankets and for large items ratchet straps to protect and secure the load.

Can we arrange a courier?

In special circumstances we will allow people to arrange couriers but we ask that you contact us first to discuss this.